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Travel ID Card Reader (Smart Card Reader / Smart Card Reader), USB-C. Extremely compact and lightweight, folding "travel model" that connects directly to the Micro USB connector of the phone / tablet with a short 6 cm cable. The reader is folded open for use and the card is pushed in the front of the reader. Folded, easy to carry in your pocket. Comes with a tie strap for attaching a key ring, for example.

NOTE! No identity card authentication for example at Suitable for signing medical prescriptions by doctors in Kelain, but only with Android devices. Additional compatibility coming for applications (Kanta etc.) and products (iOs).

NOTE! Requires USB Host (USB OTG) support on the phone to work. This feature is commonly found in phones published in recent years. The existence of this feature on your phone can be verified with an app found on the Google Play Store (e.g., "OTG?").

In addition to the product itself, the delivery includes a Finnish installation manual and installation support in Finnish / Swedish / English in case of problems.
Separately, per request in the comment field of the order, can a installation manual in Swedish or English be included.


  • Size (L * W * H): 48 * 20 * 12 mm
  • Weight: 12 g
  • Color: White
  • Connector Type: USB-C

Operating System Compatibility:

The latest Windows, Windows Server, Windows CE, Android, Mac OS and Linux versions.

For details, refer to datasheet or by asking us directly (

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