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Wireless portable data capture device / barcode scanner with keyboard, display and memory. The ergonomic terminal provides the user with efficiency and comfort, and is ideal for long-term use. A laser-type reader identifies all common 1D barcodes. Collection device captures product information in stock at different times: delivery of goods, receipt of goods and inventory of products. The device also works great for tracking processes at different stages of work or in storing products used in job assignments. Data capture based on reading barcodes is quick, effortless, and less error-prone compared to manual book-entry. The package includes a docking station for data unloading, a data transfer cable, and a data transfer program for PC. The docking station also acts as a battery charger. The delivery also includes the manufacturer's original "JobGenerator" Windows PC program that allows a user to create and download their own collection sequences to their unit as needed. The file received on a computer is character-separated text file so it can be directly accessed by many different programs.

For standard delivery, pre-installed Evifin Oy Basic Data Acquisition Program can be installed in the collector, where two different collection sequences are available:

  • Collection of simple codes (eg product codes, serial numbers)
  • Collection of code and quantities (eg product code and number of product)


  • Size (L * W * H): 145 * 64 * 31 mm
  • Weight: 175 g
  • Color: Black
  • Interface: RS-232 and USB virtual RS-232

Operating System Compatibility:
Latest Windows Versions

For more information, refer to datasheet or by asking us directly (shop.evifin.fi/contact/ ).

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