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The Finnish Atlas Warehouse Management software (VSTO) helps when it comes to inventory management and warehouse management. The VSTO program is a tool for managing, among other things, product information management, price management and inventory management. The program is used to produce shipping details for customer deliveries, product inventory increases, inventory counts, and, where applicable, the registration of serial numbers of delivered products. Atlas Warehouse Management software generates warehouse shipping details, with inventory balances automatically updated.

The VSTO program is compatible with Atlas Customer Relation and Billing softwares. The VSTO program works independently as well: If there is no need for a customer management or billing programs, VSTO can be used to manage inventory of products and balances only and to generate shipping details.

Features of the VSTO program:

  • Maintain inventory master data (Product Library)
  • Shipment details, as numbering, uploading, copying, canceling, correcting, deleting, and printing through preview.
  • Pick product information from the product register to shipment details.
  • Automated inventory update available during shipping picking.
  • Managing inventory balances and pricing, e.g. balance, reserved, alert limit, purchase price, VAT base, sales target, product revenue, average purchase price calculation.
  • Maintain customer information for shipping details.
  • Compatible with ASR: copying the customer data with one button from ASR to the customer registry of the warehouse management program.
  • Maintenance of vendor register.
  • Posting serial numbers of products delivered for warranty tracking.
  • Reports: product price list, stock value, low limit alert, inventory platform, inventory count comparison against stock level.
  • Directly compatible with the Atlas Billing program.

Additional features to be ordered separately include:

  • Atlas Offer Module, which allows you to transfer the information from a given offer.
  • Importing Inventory Product Name Data from an External File
  • Price Change Module, which can be used to make pricing update on desired product (per product or per product category) with a desired constant (% coefficient, fixed amount, or both). Also, the change in the VAT rate of products and the associated tax reckoning with the tax can easily be achieved by using this utility.
  • Quick stock picking module, to pick products from stock without an admission note, fast by only giving product/number/customer number (free text) information.
  • Readiness to join the Atlas billing program. Billing software can be used for example to produce versatile reports, even if the actual customer billing is not managed by the program.
  • Readiness to print product codes also in barcode format for product lists (eg Inventory Platform).
  • Readiness to attach labels to the system (product labels, barcode labels).
  • Readiness to integrate data capture devices into the system (product picking, shelving, inventory).

Where needed, we offer software installation, deployment and training services at customer permises.

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