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Camfil is the world's largest and leading air filter manufacturer - a product group to which all Camfil Group's business is based and the core business area of ​​the Group, which generates the largest share of net sales.

These filters may be as small as the fitter or may also be of the size of the sea. The end product is pure air, without harmful or harmful impurities: dust, dirt, allergens, contaminants, molecular gases, and in some cases even life-threatening radiation, depending on the application.

Camfil filters improve human health and well-being. They protect critical manufacturing processes, improve productivity, and protect the environment.

Protecting the environment and processes

In product manufacturing, Camfil's filters and drop glass solutions are crucial in advanced and sensitive manufacturing processes or in combating microbiological contaminations. In healthcare, hospitals use Camfil's filtration systems to eliminate airborne infections.

In the nuclear industry, Camfil is a leader in particulate and molecular filtration and isolation. Experience is from all over the world.

Protecting people

General ventilation of public and commercial real estate is the largest application area where Camfil offers the most energy-efficient filters on the market. These products offer pure air and good indoor air quality (IAQ) while helping building owners reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

Power Systems - Protection of gas turbines

Camfil is the world's leading provider of heavy filtering and noise management systems for gas turbines using the largest power generation and offshore plants in the industry around the world. Solutions include: complete suction air chambers including the necessary filters, acoustic enclosures, fans, ventilation, exhaust air systems, exchange blades, ducts, silencers and antifreeze equipment as well as maintenance and repair work.

Air Pollution Control - Dust extraction systems for a cleaner and more secure environment

The Air Pollution Control Business Unit operates in North America and the international market functions as Air Pollution Control. The main task of Camfil APC is to design, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of dust extraction systems to clean dust and smoke from factories, making them safer, more productive and environmentally sustainable. Typically APC dust removal systems are used in the food, metal, pharmaceutical, mining, laser and plasma cutting and wood processing industries.

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) - business-critical solutions for the microelectronics industry

Managing AMC and particulate pollutants is a major technological barrier when the product is constantly shrinking in the manufacture of integrated circuits (ICs). Critical AMC impurities include, for example, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), various acids and ammonia. In the open air and in clean environments, all of these impurities are present at concentrations that are too high for many electronic equipment manufacturing processes. For example, manufacturing microprocessors, memory circuits, and smartphones and tablets is nowadays impossible without the advanced AMC filtering in clean rooms and process equipment.

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Camfil - PM1 Tracker

Product no.: PM1 tracker

Air quality meter

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Camfil - Air Image Sensor

Product no.: Air Image Sensor

Smart air quality sensor

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Camfil - CamCleaner City S

Product no.: CamCleaner City S

Air Purifier for office and home use

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Camfil - CamCleaner City M

Product no.: CamCleaner City M

Air Purifier for office and public space use

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