ACS develops and provides smart card operating systems (COS) and readers to facilitate the implementation of smart card-based systems for various applications and industries. ACS products are compliant with major industrial standards, ensuring safe and compatible operations. Products are divided into seven product families: Smart Cards & Smart Card Operating Systems, PC-Linked Smart Card Readers, Contactless Readers, Mobile Card Readers, Smart Card Readers with PIN-Pad, PC-Linked Readers with Mass Storage and Smart Card Reader Modules. ACS also offers customization for some of these products, to meet specific needs of customers.


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Product no.: ACR39U

Smart card reader, horizontal table design

27.00 *
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Product will be shipped within at business day.


Product no.: ACR38U-H1

Smart card reader, handy vertical design

31.00 *
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Product will be shipped within at business day.

ACS - ACR3901U-S1

Product no.: ACR3901U-S1

Smart card reader, with Bluetooth and USB connections

107.00 *
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The product is shipped within 2-4 business days.
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