Product management

We implement comprehensive solutions for product management of small and medium-sized businesses. Solutions that work together to read, manage, and print information seamlessly. The selected products used are of industrial standard, quality and reliability are paramount, so that we can guarantee a viable and satisfactory solution.


High quality products for all data capture needs:

  • readers can be one-off lectures or, alternatively for data capture that can be programed with multi-faceted collection sequences.
  • data can be stored and, of course, read with all global standards, such as a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes, and RFID and UHF RFID based technologies.
  • wired or wireless, such as Bluetooth or Zigbee. Wireless readers are charged with the supplied dock, which can also be used for data transfer.
  • programmable for different needs: ASCII character sets to use, acceptable barcodes, alternative end symbols, buffering of data collected or not, etc.

Domestic software for managing and processing information:

  • work together or independent of each other, as per need. The programs are flexible afterwards expandable, allowing you to adapt to the situation and add the necessary features as your company grows and / or changes its way of working.
  • inventory management software is used to manage inventory information, related price lists, and inventory balances. Inbound register of new products, inventory of existing, and registering outbound shipments will accurately maintain inventory balances.
  • customer database for maintaining and classifying customer data for classification and grouping for campaigns and marketing. The data is easily transferred and reusable in warehouse management and billing programs.
  • invoices sent from the warehouse management program directly to the billing program for invoices and receipts. The billing program also has reporting functions for accounting purposes, both for sale and storage.

Printing data labels for products:

  • label printers can be found for both paper and durable polyester yarn printing, with different durability requirements such as fading, physical abrasion, or potential exposure to liquids.
  • label printers can also print RFID stickers as well as RFID and other data combinations.
  • quality design and print software, a single machine license to major industrial needs.

Complete solutions for easy inventory management startup:

  • in addition to the aforesaid, we also deliver and install complete solutions with "turnkey" principle.
  • necessary computers as well as preinstalled software for the use of the devices.
  • peripherals to ensure device compatibility in any expansion / integration.

Data capture devices

Data capture devices that support different interfaces for a large amount of data, via barcodes or wireless RFID.

Bar code readers

High quality information capture products for every need. Versatile programmable readers that meet user requirements, yet simple to use.


We implement comprehensive solutions for radio-based identification. Easy to use products and solutions for storing, reading, managing and printing of information.


Versatile options for high-quality label printing.