Delivery and payment information


The subscriber must be a full-time and plenipotentiary natural person or registered company or association.


Payment options

Once the desired products have been picked up in the shopping cart, you will go to the choice of payment method to choose the most suitable option, as well as the delivery.

Products and their postage are paid on order, except when ordering as cash on delivery as then the payment will be made upon delivery.

Online payment options are available as payment methods, depending on ordering country:

Klarna Bank Ab (556737-0431):

- Finnish banks: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Paikallsosuuspankit, Sampo, S-Pankki, Säästöpankit, Tapiola, Aktia, Handelsbanken, Nooa, Ålandsbanken

- Credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard

- Invoice or Installment

Checkout Finland Oy (2196606-6):

- Finnish banks: Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP-pankki, Säästöpankki, S-pankki and Ålandsbanken

- Credit cards: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard and American Express

Mash Finance Oyj (2159120-9):

- Incoice, Credit or Installment

PayPal online

Evifin Oy (1110695-1):

- Prepay by wire transfer

- Cash on delivery (Payment on delivery)

a) Payments through Netbank

Klarna and Checkout are co-operating with Finnish banks and credit institutions in charge of payment and financial services related to online payment, who settles it towards the merchant. For the user, the service works just like traditional online payments.

b) Payments with Credit cards

If you want to pay with a Credit card, Evifin Oy will only serve as a marketer for products and services and will also supply the products to the buyer. Therefore, Evifin Oy is responsible for the marketing, delivery and handling of any possible complaints. You can also make a claim to Klarna or Checkout if necessary.

Klarna and Checkout act as a seller of products through payments and the transaction occurs between the customer and Klarna or Checkout. The Seller is responsible for all trade-related obligations. Klarna or Checkout are also the payee's.

Klarna Bank AB (publ)
Sveavägen 46
111 34 Stockholm
Phone: +358 10 666 6300

Checkout Oy
Eteläpuisto 2C
33200 Tampere
Phone: +358 800 552 010

b) Payment by bank transfer (prepayment)

Payment by bank transfer is like paying any invoice: Choose "Advance Payments" as a payment method, complete your contact details on the order form and click on the "Submit Subscription" button. Thereafter, the system displays a bank transfer form with the product specification including the prices and payment information: the beneficiary's account number (Evifin Oy), the reference number and the amount to be paid. The necessary information is also available on the online store, information on the order. Pay your bill through your bank in the same way as you pay for any invoice. Note. With the "Send Order" button, the system will also send order information to our e-shop and an order confirmation for your e-mail. Upon receipt of payment we will deliver ordered products by mail.

Note. If the payment method is a bank transfer as an advance payment, we reserve 7 business days after which the subscription will expire if the payment is not completed.

b) Delivery by cash on delivery

The products ordered for delivery at a delivery date will be delivered to your nearest Finnish Postal address and you can pick them up by paying the ordered products with shipping costs.

e) Payment via Klarna

Payments are made via Klarna service's.
The payment period is automatically received when the order is as an invoice (The payment is part of the same service).
Payment periods and credit limits depends on the service provider, and can be found from their clauses:

f) Payment via Checkout

Payments are made via Checkouts service's.
Payment periods and credit limits depends on the service provider, and can be found from their clauses:

g) Payment via Mash

Payments are made via Mash service's.
The payment time of 14 days is automatically received, when the order is as an invoice.
Payment periods and credit limits depends on the service provider, and can be found from their clauses:

h) Payment via PayPal

Payments are made via PayPal service's.
Payment clauses depends on the service provider, and can be found from their web-pages:


Delivery methods

We mainly deliver products by mail, Finish Post and their partners abroad.

If the payment is made directly to the online store or as a bank transfer, when we've verified the payment has occurred we deliver the products depending on size either as regular mail, document package or parcel post, which is picked up from the notified your shipping address closest to the post office. Note. small and light products (eg programs, barcoded pencils and smart card readers) we will deliver as far as possible by letter sent directly to the address you provide. We may disclose some software products by e-mail. In this case, the payment method must be an online payment or a wire transfer (prepay).

If the products have been ordered for delivery, we will deliver the products as a postal package or letter of sale, which can be picked up from the post office nearest you. The purchase price is paid there as an account on our bank account indicated on the package card.


Account security and personal information security

All product ordering information towards the bank's systems takes place via a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. Evifin Oy does not see the card information you are using, even temporarily.

Evifin Oy will store information in its own customer register in accordance with the privacy and registration notice. Evifin Oy's internal customer register can only be accessed by Evifin Oy's personnel, with the mandate given by the tasks. The responsible administrator of the customer register is Per Lindberg.